Check-in and welcome coffee

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Keynote: Community, PHP and us: Growing up
Michelle SanverSenior software architect @ Liip
In year 2000 when PHP 4 just came out, we had functions.php and when it started being big we made functions2.php. When object orientation came out we renamed our databasefunctions.php and put a class around it and called it OOP. PHP by then, was not very mature. I by then, was not very mature. The community by then, was not very mature. We have come a long way since then! We now believe 12 year old girls on the internet are not FBI agents. We now have type hints, and namespaces, and composer! We have all matured. Let me share my story of amazing technology that changed my life. I will also share some horrible community experiences, and the awesome ones that kept me going. Let’s keep growing, because we never really stop.

Crafting Elegant APIs with Laravel
Johannes Pichler

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What's new in PHP 8.3
Derick Rethans

Shrek, Onions and Architecture
Katy Ereira

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Lightning Talks

WP-CLI for PHP developers
Milana Cap

Building Fast APIs and Middlewares: Mezzio + Swoole
Babarinde Odewumi

Coffee break

What is the secure software supply chain and the current state of the PHP ecosystem
Paolo Mainardi

Watch the clock
Andreas Heigl

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Check-in and welcome coffee

Opening by GrUSP

Keynote: Decision-making for developers
Rick KuipersCTO @ WeDevelop - stories that matter
What do cars, chess and Peter Griffin have to do with decision-making? Decision-making is a complex process, we go through it multiple times per day. Everything from micro-decisions like deciding how to write a certain function, up to macro-decisions like deciding what framework to use. As a developer I'm always looking for ways to improve myself, and as a lead I'm always looking for ways to cultivate an effective and autonomous team. One particular skill that is often overlooked is decision-making. In this talk I would like to zoom in on this process. I will be explaining some of the psychology that goes into decision-making, give you some decision-making techniques, explain how a decision-making framework can help your team and why documenting your decisions is essential.

Automate all the things with CI/CD in GitHub Actions
Rob Allen

Coffee break

How to contribute to PHP?
Gina Peter Banyard

Generative AI and Large Language Model (LLM) in PHP
Enrico Zimuel

Lunch break

Lightning Talks

Symfony Messenger: the sharpest tool in your PHP toolbox
Alessandro Lai

Upgrading Legacy to the Latest PHP Version
Anna Filina

Coffee break

Keynote: Twenty lessons from twenty years of PHP
Sarah SavagePresident @ Tailwinds
As any experienced developer will tell you, there’s a world of difference between experience and book knowledge. Come learn from the hard-won lessons of twenty years of developing PHP applications, including what it means to be senior, how to achieve perfect code, and what the best PHP framework really is.

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